How do I set up my campus voicemail?

When you setup your mailbox for the first time, you will be prompted to record your name, record your personal greeting and change your password.  The following information should assist you in setting up your mailbox.

To access your voicemail, press the 'messages' button or dial 5555.

Unity provides step-by-step voice instructions to guide you through these features. Upon accessing your mailbox, you will hear:

Enter your PIN, followed by #. [NOTE: Your initial PIN is 0000.]

Welcome to Cisco Unified Communications! Please take a moment to personalize or update your Cisco Unity settings. To exit, press *.

Record your name:  [NOTE: This is NOT your personal greeting, but simply your name.]

[Next, you will hear:]

A recorded name identifies you to other callers. It also lets others know who left a message.

You have no recorded name [Once your name is recorded, you will hear: Your recorded name is.]

To keep the recorded name, press #. To record a new name, say your first and last names at the tone. Then press #.

Record personal greeting:

[Next, you will hear:]

When callers cannot reach you, they may leave a message. A personal greeting encourages callers to leave a message.

Your standard greeting is "Sorry, [RecordedName] is not available."

[NOTE: If you did not record your name, you will hear: Extension [YourExtension] is not available.]

To re-record this greeting, press 1. To keep it and continue, press #.

Change your password:

[Next, you will hear:]

A password protects the privacy of your messages. Your password must be at least 4 digits long. Use a password that is easy to remember, but hard for others to guess. For extra security, you may be prompted to change your password periodically.

Enter your new password followed by #. For help, press 0.

Enter your new password again to confirm it then press #.

Your new password is active. 


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