How to add/remove an extension to your Avaya Cloud

  1. Put in a ticket to the Network Team (example 24396481)
  2. Mention the extension(s) that you want added to your Avaya Cloud.
  3. They will submit a separate ticket to Avaya on your behalf and let you know when it's completed.
  4. To toggle the extension(s) on and off, you will need to log in to your Avaya Cloud:
  5. Go to Settings > Select your extension from the menu along the left side > Devices & Numbers > Presence
  6. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)On the next page, you will see a check box, "Ring my phone when any user I am monitoring rings". If you un-check that, all extensions (with the exception of your Primary Line) will be turned off.
  7. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)Click "Save"
  8. If you currently have the Avaya app open on your desktop. Restart it.
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