Register for Faculty Development

Distance Education offers face-to-face faculty development sessions in many areas including D2L, multimedia, course design, and ADA compliance. These development sessions have been tailored for faculty and are led by staff that work daily in the online field and within D2L.  The intention is to not only support faculty in meeting online course development guidelines but also to aid them in creating unique and engaging courses that are efficient and effective.  

  1. Navigate to the registration portal.
  2. Select the title of the session you wish to register for based on the content, date and time.
    faculty development step 2
  3. Select Enroll Yourself.
    faculty development step 3
  4. Logging On
    1. If you have already registered for a proctoring session previously, enter the email address and password you used to create your account.  If you do not remember this information, select Reset your Password.  Skip to step 7.
      faculty development step 4a
    2. If you have never used our service before, select Sign Up.  Continue to step 6.
      faculty development step 4b
  5. On the Add New Account screen complete all the required fields marked with an asterisk (*) and then select Add Account at the bottom.
    faculty development step 5
  6. In the Enrollment Cart, select Proceed to Checkout.
    faculty development step 6
  7. On the Registration Transaction page, you have the ability to review your registration and delete or continue by selecting Complete Registration.
    faculty development step 7
  8. The final screen is a confirmation page.  You should also receive an email.
    faculty development step 8


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