Download and Setup MyMedia/CaptureSpace Lite in D2L for PC

1. Log into your D2L account.

2. On your My home tab, scroll all the way down until you see My Media and select the blue Add New button.

My Home         My Media "Add New"

3. From the dropdown menu, select CaptureSpace Lite.

CaptureSpace Lite

4. You will see the following image in your My Media tab. Scroll down until you see Download for Windows and select.

 Capture Space Desktop Recorder         Download for Windows

5. The following installer will open, click Save File.

Kaltura Installer

6. CaptureSpace Lite is now downloading. Go to your downloads and double click CaptureSpace Lite.

Downloading Capture Space Lite

7. It wil ask you to run this file. Select Run.

Run file

8. CaptureSpace Lite is now configuring on your computer and you may see the message below.

CaptureSpace configuration

9. Once the software is configured, you will see the following message. Select OK.

Kaltura Launcher

10. You have now downloaded and launched CaptureSpace Lite. You can launch in straight from your Applications by selecting the icon.

Kaltura Icon

11. You can also launch the application through D2L by refreshing your page. Refresh your page and then scroll down to My Media and select Add New and select CaptureSpace Lite.

 My Media          CaptureSpace Lite selection

12. It will ask you which program you would like to launch the application in. Select Kaltura CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder.

Launch Application Box

13. CaptureSpace Lite will launch and you can start creating your video and audio files.

Capture Space Desktop recorder


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