Cisco Telephone Models

The majority of phones on campus are part of the Cisco Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system, which connect via the campus data network.

The available telephone models are listed below.

Cisco 7911G The Cisco 7911G is the basic single-line Phone in the Cisco lineup.  This phone for student worker desks, classrooms and various other courtesy phone applications.
Cisco 7942G The Cisco 7942G is a full-featured, two-button phone that is issued to most faculty and staff members.  It has many features, including a single button for voicemail access, and a list of directories, including missed calls.  The 7942G has a maximum of two line appearances. 
Cisco 7962G The Cisco 7962G is the same as the 7942G but with six buttons for a maximum of six line appearances.  Typically, each department is issued one 7962G for the main secretary.  Additional 7942G phones can be upgraded for a charge of $65 per phone.
Cisco 7915 Shown here is a 7962G with a single 7915 sidecar and footstand.  The sidecar adds a total of 24 line appearances, and requires a separate power supply.  A 7962G can have dual sidecars installed for a total of 54 line appearances.
Cisco 7937 The 7937 Conference phone may be purchased by departments or can be checked out from Telephone Services with proper advance notice.  These versatile conference phones can be used in any location with an active data jack, and may be purchased with or without the extension speaker/microphone modules.
Cisco 7925 The 7925 phone is a full-featured wireless handset that operates on the campus wireless network.  This phone works anywhere on campus with wireless coverage. 



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