Connecting to UC4PROD

  1. If it is not already installed on the machine, install Java 8.371. Installers can be found here: \\\CSTech\Java 8.371
  2. In any browser, go to Click Download the Applications Manager Client.
    uc4prod step 1
  3. Copy the downloaded file to the desktop.
    uc4prod step 2
  4. Right-click on and choose Extract All....
    uc4prod step 3
  5. Click Extract.
    uc4prod step 4
  6. Navigate to C: > Users > Your username. Right-click and choose New, then Folder.
    uc4prod step 5
  7. Name the file AppWorx.
    uc4prod step 6
  8. Inside the AppWorx folder you just created, right-click and choose New, then Folder. Do not use the .AppWorx folder.
    uc4prod step 7
  9. Name the folder UC4PROD.
    uc4prod step 8
  10. In the Client folder you extracted in step 4 select user_keystore and user_keystore_config.
    uc4prod step 9
  11. Move these files to the UC4PROD folder you created in step 8. Do not move them to the .AppWorx folder.
    uc4prod step 10
  12. Back in the Client folder, double-click RunClient to launch UC4PROD.
    uc4prod step 11
  13. You should see the below login screen.
    uc4prod step 12


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