How do I access Skype for Business on my mobile device?

  1. Download and install the Skype for Business app, available from the App Store and Google Play.
  2. Input your APSU email address and tap the arrow.
    skype app step 2
  3. Input your password and tap Sign in.
    skype app step 3
  4. Input your mobile number and tap the arrow.
    skype app step 4

  5. To search for a user, type their name into the Search for contacts field.
    skype app step 5
  6. Tap a user’s name to start a chat conversation.
    skype app step 6
  7. To add a user to your contact list, tap their name and then tap See contact card.
    skype app step 7
  8. Tap the name of the group to add the user to.
    skype app step 8


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