Request to Purchase Software

Overview (What is it?)

GOVSTECH provides consultation for software purchases from individual desktops to labs and classrooms. We'll find software that meets your needs, meets GOVSTECH specifications, and is from a GOVSTECH -approved vendor.

Eligibility (Who can request it?)

Available on all APSU-owned machines.

Standard Availability:

Service available 24/7; requests fulfilled during normal business hours. Please be aware that all software needing to be installed classrooms/labs needs to be brought to GOVSTECH attention at least two weeks before the start of  fall semester. New software is only installed in classrooms/labs during the summer. Updates are installed over fall, winter, and summer breaks.

What is included:

  • Software purchasing consultation.
  • Quote generation.
  • Software installation


Consultation is free; cost of software depends on what is being purchased.

How to Request (Do you need this service?)

If you need to request this service, click the "Request Service" button to the right.


Request Service


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