MiFi Loan Request

The MiFi Loan Program assists eligible students with participation in their web enhanced courses by providing loaner MiFi’s for one semester. The program is intended to support students that might not have the resources to secure a device in a timely manner. MiFi’s are limited and issued to eligible students on a first come first served basis.

Program Eligibility Requirements:

-Students must be enrolled in a full time course load (for example, 12 credit hours/semester for undergraduates).
-If a student is found eligible for the program and resides within 60 miles of campus, they must pick up the MiFi from campus. If a student resides more than 60 miles from campus, shipping may be available at the discretion of Distance Education.
-Students must have an APSU student ID, a valid driver’s license, or a state issued ID card to pick up a MiFi.
-Mailed MiFi’s will be sent to the official mailing address on file for the student.
-The MiFi loan period will expire at the end of the semester in which the student is registered.
By selecting “Request Service” I agree to return the APSU MiFi and related equipment (charger/power cord) to the Felix G. Woodward Library by the established due date. I agree to accept responsibility for loss or damages to the APSU MiFi, and acknowledge that if found liable for loss or damages I will be required to pay for replacement or repair costs. I acknowledge that my Banner account may be blocked if the MiFi is not returned by the due date or if replacement of repair costs are not paid.

Request Service


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Fri 8/7/20 10:28 AM
Fri 8/7/20 10:29 AM