YuJa Human Captioning Request

Human captioning is a specialty service Distance Education purchases to help ensure there are options for videos that require a higher accuracy caption rating than what machine captioning offers. Instructional videos that contain specialized vocabulary or jargon often require this higher standard of captioning service to increase accuracy and accessibility. A limited number of human captioning hours are purchased each year; therefore, the criteria for videos being approved for human captioning may change from semester-to-semester depending on demand for this service and the number of hours available. Currently, video criteria is as follows, videos should be:

• Between 10-60 minutes in length,
• Will be used in a for-credit course, and
• Will be used for academic purposes (e.g. instructional video).

Request Service


Service ID: 48805
Thu 2/11/21 1:38 PM
Fri 2/9/24 9:50 AM