Mark Jeffers

Starting the week of September 6th, Dax and I are going to begin a small project (hopefully small) to implement MFA on a test instance of Global Protect using Azure. Obviously, part of the configuration has to occur in Azure so some help from the Systems Administrators will be needed. The goal is to complete that setup by the end of that week which is Friday the 10th. We’ll spend some time testing which should be completed by the end of the following week which will be Friday the 17th. If all goes well, we’d like to duplicate the process on our primary Global Protect instance that everyone uses for the APSU VPN connection. The ultimate goal is to have all users using MFA with Global Protect by the end of September or beginning of October.

Dax has instruction but below is a YouTube video that can provide some insight on what I believe the process looks like:

I will submit a TD ticket for this workload and assign it to Dax. I will include all of you as contacts. I will also throw it on your calendar as a meeting reminder but will leave you free so your calendar doesn’t look like it’s completely full. Let Dax or I know if you have any questions.




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