I'm a member of faculty/staff. How can I install Office for free on my personal computer?

  1. Log into your faculty/staff email at http://mail.apsu.edu.
    office 365 faculty step 1
  2. Click Office 365 in the upper righthand corner.
    office 365 faculty step 2
  3. Click Install Office 2016.
    office 365 faculty step 3
  4. You will be taken to a download page. Click Close to get started.
    office 365 faculty step 4
  5. When the download is finished, it will begin installing in the background. During the installation process you will be asked to log into your email account. Input your entire APSU email address and click Next.
    office 365 faculty step 5
  6. Click Work or school account.
    office 365 faculty step 7
  7. Input your faculty/staff username and password and click Sign in. Your copy of Office is now associated with your APSU email and your subscription will remain active until you leave the university.
    office 365 faculty step 7


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