APSU Audio Visual Equipment Introduction

Here at APSU, we have two types of AV control in classrooms. While they are different in construction, they are similar in how they work.


Crestron control systems consist of a touch panel, switcher, and amplifier. When you first enter a room the touch panel will be at the start page. Press the “Start System” button to start the system.

crestron start page

During the start up process you will see this screen. If this screen never increases the timer, please contact the GOVSTECH Help Desk at 931-221-4357(HELP).

crestron system initializing


In a standard room, the peripherals on the computer are:

  • PC
  • Document Camera
  • Blu-ray player or VCR (obsolete)
  • Laptop HDMI

crestron select a source


Each individual input will have a corresponding screen. When it says there are no controls for the device, it does not mean that anything is wrong. For example, the Blu-ray has controls just as if you are using a hand held remote.

crestron input bluray crestron input pc crestron input laptop hdmi


The Room Control is where you will find the ON\OFF, MUTE, and SCREEN controls for the room.

crestron room control


The System Off button will take you to a timer that will automatically turn everything off, raise the projector screen (if applicable), and return to the start menu. If this screen never increases the timer, please contact the GOVSTECH Help Desk at 931-221-4357(HELP).

crestron shutting down



The second type of classroom control system is Extron. It is very straightforward in its use. Just press the “ON” button to turn the system on, press the input button that corresponds with the input you wish to use and press the “OFF”  button to turn the system off.

extron control

Every lectern on campus has a cubby which contains video connections for laptops and power. These cables are ONLY for laptops - never connect them to the computer monitor on the lectern!

extron cable cubby



  • Never let a student try to resolve an issue with the audio visual equipment.
  • Never plug any additional cables into computer monitor.
  • Do not turn the main power in the lectern off.
  • Do not turn the computer off - instead, simply sign out.
  • If you have any problems with the equipment, please GOVSTECH Help Desk at 931-221-4357(HELP).



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