TEC-S003 Employee Campus Standard Equipment

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1.0    SCOPE:  
1.1    This standard applies to the selection of computer hardware, including laptops, peripherals, and accessories.

2.1    Director of Technical Services

3.1    Chief Information Officer

4.0 Standard

 4.1 To provide direction for the section of computer equipment that will ensure optimal performance, compatibility, reliability, and cost-effectiveness for the organization's needs.

4.2 The equipment must meet or exceed performance requirements for intended tasks, including processing power, memory, storage capacity, and graphical capabilities.

4.3. OIT ensures seamless integration and interoperability; the equipment must be compatible with existing infrastructure, software, and peripherals.

4.4. OIT vet's equipment is to ensure its reliability and durability, backed by warranties and support services to minimize downtime and maintenance costs.

4.5. OIT ensures that equipment adheres to security standards and protocols to safeguard against cyber threats, including encryption capabilities, firmware security, and hardware-level protections.

4.6 OIT ensures equipment is scalable to accommodate future growth and technological advancements without significant additional investment or disruption to operations.

4.7 OIT prefers energy-efficient equipment that reduces operational costs and environmental impact and is certified by recognized standards such as Energy Star.

4.8 OIT tests equipment through proof-of-concept trials or demonstrations to verify performance, compatibility, and reliability against predefined criteria.

4.9 OIT compares options, considering upfront costs and ongoing expenses such as maintenance, upgrades, and support contracts.

  Dell Laptop Apple Laptop*
Warranty 4 Year Extended Warranty 4 Year Extended Warranty
Model Latitude 7440 MacBook Pro -  MRX63LL/A
Processor 13th Generation Intel Core i7 Apple M3 Pro chip with 11-core CPU
and 14-core GPU
Hard Drive 512GB Solid State Drive 512GB Solid State Drive
Keyboard & Mouse Wired Keyboard & Mouse Not provided
Sound Bar Dell Stereo Soundbar Not provided
Monitor Dell 24" USB-C Monitor Dell 24" USB-C Monitor
Docking Station Dell USB-C Dock USB-C Hub

*Our campus standard is a Dell laptop. Apple laptop requests must be made by the employee’s supervisor upon hire and approved by the Director of Technical Services. The employee cannot change laptop models unless the department pays for the model swap. Any Apple accessory not supplied by OIT can be purchased with departmental funds.


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