Setting Up Your Avaya Account

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  1. You will receive an email inviting the set-up of your Avaya Cloud Office account. The link is only valid for 48 hours. Click Set Up Account.
    avaya account step 1
  2. Create your password and 6 digit pin and set your security question. As you’re creating your credentials, a dropdown will appear indicating minimum password and pin requirements. You’ll be able to use either your Avaya or Single Sign-on credentials to login to the Avaya platform. After APSU completely migrates to Avaya Cloud Office, Single Sign-on will be forced. Remember your pin as you’ll have the option to dial-in and use the pin to access and modify your account settings. Once done, click Continue in the bottom-right corner.
    avaya account step 2
  3. Verify the information used by Emergency Calling Services when dialing 911. It’s encouraged that you enter the name and street address of the building in which you normally work. Click Agree and Continue.
    avaya account step 3
  4. Click Download the app if you are using a PC. If you are using a Mac, click here.
    avaya account step 4
  5. The application will download. Launch the installer named Avaya Cloud.
  6. Click Sign in.
    avaya account step 6
  7. Input your APSU email address and click Single Sign-on.
    avaya account step 7
  8. Verify your APSU email address is correct and click Submit.
    avaya account step 8
  9. Input your APSU email address and click Next.
    avaya account step 9
  10. Input your APSU username and password and click Sign in.
    avaya account step 10
  11. Choose whether you would like to stay signed in or not.
    avaya account step 11
  12. Click Confirm address now.
    avaya account step 12
  13. Verify that the information is accurate and click Confirm.
    avaya account step 13
  14. Click Phone or the number pad icon.
    avaya account step 14
  15. Your full dial pad will appear. Your temporary phone number is listed above the dial pad numbers. This is a functioning phone number that can be used until your existing APSU number is transferred from AT&T to Avaya RingCentral.
    avaya account step 15


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