How do Student Workers Log Into their KnowBe4 Training Portal?

The steps below may need to be done in an ‘incognito window’ if you are on a computer or device that you use frequently.  Because you have 2 accounts (student account and student worker account), it is possible that when you get to APSU’s Single-Sign-On page, it will try to log you in with the last set of credentials you used, which will be your student account credentials, and those will not get you into the KnowBe4 portal, which is only for staff.


If you go through the below steps and get an error, use a ‘private’ or ‘incognito’ window.

How to use an ‘incognito window’ in Google Chrome:

Google Chrome Incognito Window

How to use a 'private' window in Firefox: 

Firefox private window


How to Access your KnowBe4 Training Portal:

1.  To get to your KnowBe4 Training Portal, go to

2.  Enter you full Student Worker Email Address.  Be mindful that this account is, not like your Student Account. Click Next

knowbe4 enter email address


3.  Next you will be redirected to APSU’s Single Sign on page where you will log in with the username and password for your Student Worker account. Click Sign In



4.  You have now successfully accessed your KnowBe4 Training Portal.

Knowbe4 Training portal dashboard

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