Identifying Phishing and Spam Emails

There are a few tricks for how to spot a malicious email that may contain a virus or attempt to gain access to your account and information.

  • Does the body of the email ask for account information or provide a link for you to log in to 'verify' account information?
  • Are there misspellings of common words or a general issue with grammar and punctuation?
  • Does the body of the email contain references to packages being delivered, money being transferred, or explain that your email account is too full?
  • Is the sender an address that you recognize?
  • Does the name on the signature differ from that of the sender?

If most or all of these are true, then the email in question is probably spam or a phishing attempt. Do not open any attachments contained in the email, and delete it. Emails regarding your APSU email account will come from someone affiliated with the university or the IT Help Desk and will always bear an appropriate signature. If you are unsure of the validity of an email, forward it to to be vetted.


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