How do I get administrator rights on a computer?

Administrator access must be requested, based on the following terms of use:

  1. Authorization for administrator access will be granted by the Chief Information Officer or her designee. An appeal of disapproval may be made to the Office of Information Technology (OIT), whose decision shall be final.
  2. Administrator access to APSU computing resources should only be used for official APSU business. Use of administrator access should be consistent with an individual's role or job responsibilities as prescribed by management. When an individual's role or job responsibilities change, administrator access should be appropriately updated or removed. In situations where it is unclear whether a particular action is appropriate, and within the scope of current job responsibilities, the situation should be discussed with management.
  3. Authorized users will be granted an additional account that is to be used solely for tasks which require administrative access (such as installing software, mapping share drives, and connecting to network printers). It is considered abuse of resources to use this administrative account for daily tasks. Such use may be monitored and if abuse is determined, administrative access may be revoked.
  4. Individuals should not download or install applications that are illegal or not licensed to the university on university-owned workstations. Individuals who download or install applications other than those included in the standard configuration for all university computers are responsible for retaining documentation of appropriate licenses. APSU OIT is not responsible for supporting this non-standard software. If it becomes necessary to restore system functionality, OIT will remove any and all non-standard software. Individuals should not remove any software installed by APSU OIT staff. Administrator access may be revoked at any time for violating any part of this procedure.
  5. Authorized users are required to keep their individual university usernames and passwords confidential. Authorized users are not permitted to allow unauthorized users access to the university-owned workstation at any time. The unauthorized use of local administrator accounts is prohibited.

If you agree to these terms, you will need to request the admin rights by creating a ticket with our Server team.


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