How to add another language to your computer

The following steps will allow you to download and install other languages to your computer system:

  1. Click your Windows button in the lower-left corner of your screen, and then begin typing "Edit language..." when you see the option appear in the results, click "Open"
  2. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)Click "Add Language"
  3. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)Begin typing the name of the language that you wish to install
  4. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)Select the requested language from the results, and then click "Next"
  5. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)Next, click "Install"
  6. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)The installation progress bars will appear indicating which forms of the language are being installed. Once all installs are completed, we recommend that you restart your computer before attempting to use them.
  7. To access the new language, click the "ENG" button in your task bar. This will show you the other language options that are available for your system.
  8. Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)You're all set!
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