TEC-S004 Computer Lab Data Storage Standard


1.0 Scope

1.1 This standard applies to the storage of data by students on computers within university computer labs. It applies to all students utilizing these facilities for academic, research, or administrative purposes. Students are prohibited from storing personal or non-academic data on computers in university computer labs, including documents, multimedia files, and any information unrelated to academic or research activities.

2.1    Director of Technical Services

3.1    Chief Information Officer


4.0 Definitions

4.1 Data Storage: storing digital information within a computer system. This stored data can include various files, documents, images, videos, programs, and system configurations.

4.2 Computer Lab: a dedicated space within the university equipped with computers, peripherals, and Internet access to support students, faculty, and staff in their academic and research activities. These computer labs provide access to various software applications and printing services.


5.0 Standard

5.1 Storing data on lab computers poses security risks, such as unauthorized access and malware infections, which can compromise sensitive information.

5.1.1 University computer labs are shared resources primarily for academic and research tasks. Saving data on these computers consumes storage space and computing resources, hindering educational purposes.

5.1.2 Prohibiting data storage helps maintain a clutter-free computing environment, reducing security vulnerabilities and ensuring optimal performance.

5.1.3 Students are provided with 1TB of Cloud storage upon acceptance to the university, offering a secure and accessible alternative for data storage.

5.1.4 A backup mechanism is required for any data approved as an exception and stored on computer lab computers to protect against data loss due to hardware failures, accidental deletion, or other unforeseen events.   


6.0. Responsibilities

6.1 Students: Students must comply with this standard and refrain from storing data on lab computers.

6.2 Technical Services Staff and Lab Administrators: These personnel enforce the standard by monitoring computer usage, educating students on proper data management, and implementing technical controls to prevent unauthorized storage. If it is determined that unapproved data has been stored on a university computer, this personnel will be responsible for removing that data without prior notification due to security risks and violation of this standard.

7.0 Exceptions

Exceptions for legitimate academic or research purposes may be granted, subject to written approval from university authorities (i.e., the Dean, Director of Security, and CIO) and compliance with data security protocols. A backup mechanism is required for any exception made to data approved as an exception to be stored on computer lab computers to protect against data loss due to hardware failures, accidental deletion, or other unforeseen events.   


Associated Documents:

7.1 4:042 Information Security and Data Classification Policy

7.2 4:029: Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources

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