Connect to Crestron Air Media

Each room has a unique IP address. Follow these steps each time you want to use Crestron AirMedia.

  1. On your device, open the Crestron Air Media app.*
  1. In the Enter receiver’s address field, type the IP address shown on the Crestron touchscreen. DO NOT include “http:” before the address numbers. Tap CONNECT.

  1. The Start Screen Mirroring box will appear on your laptop screen, showing the name of the room’s receiver, which may look something like or the physical name of the location OIT Conference Room and it will prompt you to enter a code:

  1. Enter the four-digit code from the Crestron and select OK.

  1. Your device screen will be mirrored onto the screen.
    1. Note: The Crestron Air Media app must be installed on your device to present wirelessly.  If you do not have the app, you will be prompted to install it after you enter the IP address. Download and installation take several minutes, so allow sufficient time before using it. If you need assistance downloading the app, email or call (931) 221-4357 during business hours for immediate assistance


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