Viewing Grades

The Office of the Registrar maintains student academic records including grades.  Should you have additional questions about accessing grades, please contact them.  Their website also provides additional student resources.

Office of the Registrar
(931) 221-7150
Toll Free: (877) 508-0056

If you have questions about the specific grade issued by an instructor, contact that instructor directly.

  1. Log into AP OneStop.
  2. Select Web Self Service.
    viewing grades step 2
  3. Select Student and then Student Records.
    viewing grades step 3
  4. You can view grades in multiple ways by selecting Academic Transcript (lists transfer grades as well as all grades from APSU), Final Grades (you will be asked to select a term), or Midterm Grades (you will be asked to select a term).  Midterm grades are like unofficial grades that allow students to see their standing in the course about half way through.  Not all instructors provide midterm grades.  If you are ever concerned with your progress in a course, reach out to your instructor immediately and often.
    viewing grades step 4


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