Portable Computation Device App Reimbursement Procedure

Portable Computation Device Application  “ App” Reimbursement Procedure

I. Introduction

II. Portable Computation Device App Reimbursement

I.  Introduction

Portable computation devices (PCD) refer to an iPad or similar device capable of being used for job related responsibilities at the University. Typically the device may be issued for both personal and professional use. Eligible employees can receive reimbursement for apps purchased to assist with related duties.

Portable computation devices purchased by the institution must be used as part of the University’s educational mission.

“App” is the abbreviation for application and is defined as a piece of software that can be run over the internet, on a computer, cellular phone, iPad or other electronic device  as intended by the developer.

II. Portable Computation Device App Reimbursement

A. Eligibility for Portable Computational Device App Reimbursement

1. The University may reimburse eligible employees for apps purchases when the job requires the employee to use the function(s) of the device as a part of their job related responsibilities.

2. Eligibility will be based on the necessity, frequency, and usefulness for job related responsibilities, simple convenience is not sufficient.

3. Reimbursements will be charged to the account of the department that the employee works in to be specified by the chair or department head, who must also ensure the availability of funding.  The departmental eligibility criteria can be more (but no less) restrictive than the University criteria stated above.

4. If apps are determined to be a requirement of an employee’s job related responsibilities the employee may be reimbursed for the purchase price of the app(s) and applicable sales tax with the approval of the supervisor. Reimbursement will be made when the app or group of apps total $5.00 or more. The apps may be purchased in one day, or over multiple days, but cannot be reimbursed until the cumulative amount is $5.00 or greater. For example, an app is purchased for $0.99, and another app is purchased for $4.99 two weeks later, the reimbursement would be $5.98 plus applicable sales tax after the purchase of the last app.  Adversely, an app is purchased for $9.99 the reimbursement for the app and tax may be requested immediately.  Reimbursement for apps will only be made with the proof of purchase and payment. Reimbursement is retroactive as long as the employee can provide proof of purchase and payment.  A payment authorization form will be required.

BPreloaded Purchase Cards

1. Generally, the University will neither pay for nor reimburse for iTunes cards or preloaded purchase cards used to purchase apps.

2.  Using the University’s Purchasing Card to buy apps or iTunes cards is prohibited.

C. Reimbursement for Data Plans

1. Currently data plan purchases are the responsibility of the employee.

2.  Under extenuating circumstances, reimbursement by the institution for 3G access can be approved by the employee’s supervisor if it is necessary for an employee to complete his/her job related responsibilities.

3. Mi-Fi devices can be purchased by department (s) through the University from Verizon for $39.99/month on state contract. They have unlimited data usage. For more information on Mi- Fi please contact Mark Jeffers via email at jeffersm@apsu.edu  or by telephone (931) 221-6293.

D. University Purchases of Portable Computation Devices

1. Portable computational devices belong to the department and not to any particular employee. Should the employee change positions or departments the personal computational device remains the property of the department that made the purchase.

2. When the university owned personal computational device reaches their end of life they are treated as surplus property.

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