Setting Up OneDrive on a PC


OneDrive for Business is available as part of the Office 2016 suite and is already installed on campus PCs.


  1. Launch the app, which can be found in the Start Menu’s list of programs.
    onedrive pc step 1
  2. If you see the following screen, open up a browser and navigate to Otherwise, skip to step 5.
    onedrive pc step 2
  3. While logged into APSU email in your browser, click on the ‘waffle’ icon in the upper right-hand corner and choose OneDrive from the list.
    onedrive pc step 3
  4. When OneDrive loads, copy/paste the website address into the box and click Sync Now.
    onedrive pc step 4
  5. Click Sync Now.
    onedrive pc step 5
  6. You will see the following progress bar.
    onedrive pc step 6
  7. When the process has finished, click Show my files….
    onedrive pc step 7


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