How do I connect to VPN on my APSU Mac?

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You must be off campus to use VPN.


  1. Click the Global Protect icon in the taskbar.
    vpn connect mac step 1
  2. Click Connect.
    vpn connect mac step 2
  3. Enter your APSU username and password. Click Sign In.
    vpn connect mac step 3
  4. Once the GlobalProtect Client has established the VPN connection,you will see a window that states You are securely connected to the corporate network.
    vpn connect mac step 4


Disconnecting from GlobalProtect VPN (Mac)

  1. You will stop the GlobalProtect VPN Client in the same manner that you started it. Click the GlobalProtect icon.
    vpn disconnect mac step 1
  2. Click Disconnect. You are now disconnected.
    vpn disconnect mac step 2


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