Employee Equipment Replacement Program

Employee Equipment Replacement Program


The purpose of the Employee Equipment Replacement Program (EERP) is to maintain reliable, up-to-date technology and a secure IT environment, while ensuring employees have the necessary hardware and software to perform their work-related duties. All equipment purchased through the Employee Equipment Replacement Program (EERP) is owned by the university and is eligible for maintenance and periodic replacement. An eligible employee is allocated a computer upgrade funded by a central University budget, on a set cycle (optimally, once every four years). Older computers are reissued through the Technical Services surplus pool until they reach the end of their life cycle.


Employee Equipment Replacement Program Guidelines:


Full-Time Employees

Full-time employees are provided one computer if required for their work-related duties. Employees are added to the program by the Technical Services Team upon hire. Upon hire, each eligible employee will receive a campus standard setup (click here to view our standard options) with supervisor approval. The department will fund the cost difference for any customization and upgrades beyond the university's standard configurations. New staff will inherit the predecessor's computer. New faculty will receive a new campus standard setup. Employee computers for new staff positions must be purchased with department funds, as funding has not been allocated to accommodate new staff lines.


Adjunct Faculty Members

Adjunct faculty members are ineligible for the computer replacement program at this time. However, they are allowed to use a shared workstation located within the department, if available. When a full-time employee transitions to an adjunct employee they are no longer eligible for the employment replacement program nor entitled to a university-issued computer. The employee must surrender the computer to Human Resources as a part of the standard clearance process on their last date of employment as a full-time employee. 


Part-Time Employees, Temporary Employees, Visiting Professors, Graduate Assistants, Student Workers

Part-time employees, temporary employees, graduate assistants, and student workers who require computers for their work-related duties will receive a computer from the Technical Services surplus pool, which may include a shared workstation on campus, if available.


Internal Hires

In the event that an employee transfers to another department within the university, the employee will turn the existing computer in to Human Resources upon vacating the old position and the employee will be provided the machine of the predecessor.


New Positions

  • New staff positions: necessitate the purchase of computers utilizing department funds due to the absence of allocated funding for accommodating additional staff lines.
  • New faculty members are entitled to receive a new Dell or Apple computer sourced from the employee equipment budget. The department will fund the cost difference for any customization and upgrades beyond the university's standard configurations.

Promotion or Reclassification

If an employee is promoted and there is no vacancy within the same department for a higher position, the employee will maintain the existing computer unless the job requires a higher quality computer. A new non-standard employee computer will be researched and the department will be responsible of the upgraded costs. A FOAP will be required prior to the order being processed. The existing computer will be retrieved by Technical Services.


Auxiliary and Restricted Departments

Employees in auxiliary and restricted departments are ineligible for the employee computer replacement program. Auxiliary departments are required to provide reliable technology for employees who reside their departments. All computer purchases will require IT approval. Technical Services will provide quotes and consult with these departments to ensure the computers purchased meet university standards. A list of auxiliary departments can be found in our Knowledge Base or by clicking here.


Secondary Computers and Other Computer Equipment

Neither secondary computers nor other computer equipment will be covered under the computer replacement cycle, such as printers, additional monitors, and external hard drives. Departments are able to purchase them with the approval of the Technical Services Department, to ensure they are able to be supported within our environment and maintained.


Faculty Emeritus

Faculty Emeritus are not eligible for this program; however they are allowed to use a shared computer in a central office, if available.


Retired Employees

Retired Employees are ineligible for the computer replacement program.


Disposal of University Computers

When a computer can longer be updated, it poses a security risk and must be removed from our environment. Technical Services will properly dispose of the computer’s hard drive and the remaining parts are put up for auction via GovDeals. GovDeals provides services to government agencies allowing them to sell surplus assets via the Internet. Each agency has its own auction rules and may be subject to government ordinances. More information can be found on their website: https://www.govdeals.com/.


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