Employee Equipment Replacement Program FAQs


Below are frequently asked questions regarding the Employee Equipment Replacement Program:

Q: What is the Employee Equipment Replacement Program?

A: An employee is allocated one computer, funded by a central university budget, on a set cycle (optimally, once every four years).  The cost difference of any customization and upgrades beyond the university standard configurations is funded by the department.

Q: Are general use, computer classrooms, or student worker stations eligible?

A: No. These computers are upgraded as computers become available through the Technical Services Surplus pool or through our Technology Access Fee Program.

Q: If I have more than 1 computer are all of the computers eligible for the program?

A: No. Only one computer can be listed per employee as a part of the program. This computer cannot be changed once it has been identified for the four year warranty period.

Q: Is there any flexibility in where a surplus computer goes?

A: No. If there are general use stations that are older than the machine being replaced, Technical Services can reassign the asset to that general use station, and remove the oldest machine but we must operate on a one in one out basis in all areas.

Q: Who are the people eligible for the program?

A: The following employees are eligible: Full-time staff and faculty.  Adjunct faculty, temporary, or part-time employees are not eligible.

Q: If we have a new hire for a newly created position, how do we add that individual's computer to the program?

A: For new hires that are being given an assigned desk and need an assigned machine, a computer will be provided to them through the Employee Computer Replacement Program. An Onboarding ticket must be submitted for all new hires, promotions, position changes, etc... Please click here to submit a request.

Q: If machines are acquired through grants, can they be added to the program?

A: No. Computers acquired through grants are not part of the program and replacements are to be funded by the department. IT will be responsible for the setup and installation of these computers.

Q: Are departments restricted from purchasing additional computers/technology equipment outside of the Employee Equipment Replacement Program?

A: No. Departments are still able to purchase additional computer equipment within the specifications provided by Technical Services. Funding and approval for these departmental-funded purchases are at the discretion of the respective departments. IT will be responsible for the setup and installation of these computers.

Q: If I teach post-retirement, will I still be eligible for this program?

A: No. Once you retire you will be required to turn in your university purchased laptop no later than the last day of employment.  If you change positions, such as retiring from a full-time position to teaching as an adjunct faculty member, you will not be eligible to receive a laptop.

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