How do I connect to a network share drive on my Mac?

  1. From the Home Screen (Finder) select Go. From the dropdown menu, select Connect to Server....
    mac share drive step 1
  2. Input the server address. Click Connect.
    share drive mac step 2
  3. Scroll down and select the folder you have been given access to. Click OK.
    share drive mac step 3
  4. If you frequently access the share drive you may want to create an alias (shortcut). This way you won't have to map the drive every time.  To do so, access the share drive. Right click on the icon on your desktop. Select Make Alias from the drop down menu.
    share drive mac step 4
  5. You will notice a duplicate icon has been created with an arrow - this is your shortcut.
    share drive mac step 5
  6. Right-click on the original share drive, (not the shortcut) and select Eject from the drop down menu.
    share drive mac step 6
  7. Once the drive has been ejected, note that the shortcut is still on your desktop. Now you can click on it any time you need to access the share drive and input your credentials to get to the appropriate share.
    share drive mac step 7
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