Connecting to the APSU Guest Wireless Portal

Please note that this network is not for use by APSU students, faculty or staff.  Students should continue to connect using the wireless network APSU-Students.  Faculty and staff should continue to connect to APFacStaff.  Access to APSU network resources will not be available from the guest network. Please see the below articles for assistance with connecting to the correct network.

Students | Faculty/staff


  1. All users should see APSU-Guest in the list of available wireless networks. By clicking on the network name, you can then click Connect in order to connect to the network.
    guest wireless step 1
  2. Once connected, open an internet browser window and attempt to connect to a webpage. You will be taken to a login page like the one below. The first time you connect, you should click the link at the bottom that says Don’t have an account? to register for a temporary guest account.
    guest wireless step 2
  3. You will be prompted to create a username and enter some basic information.
    guest wireless step 3
  4. After entering your information, click Register to see your account information. You will also receive an email with your account information for reference.
    guest wireless step 4
  5. You can now click Sign On to login with your new username and password. After doing so you will be prompted to read and accept the APSU Acceptable Use Policy.
    guest wireless step 5

  6. After accepting this policy, you should see the screen below telling you that you now have internet access. You can now access internet resources as you normally would.  This network will not allow access to any APSU network resources except the APSU webpage.
    guest wireless step 6


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