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All student-use printers in the Library are accompanied by a Pharos print release station. A print release station consists of a computer and a printer. Currently, there are eight Pharos print release stations in the Library. These release stations allow you to release a print job(s).

Below are different ways that you can send a print job(s) to Pharos and release them at the print release stations in the Library.  Students must have a valid APSU ID issued to them in order to be able to print.

Direct Printing

  • "File" --> "Print": When you print a document from within a program (e.g., Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe Reader, etc.), click “File” and “Print”. A default printer named “Library on APMYPH1” is installed on all student-use computers. When you print, make sure that this print is selected. Once you have sent a print job to the printer, you will be able to release it from ANY Pharos print release stations in the Library. See a set of instructions below on “How to Use the Pharos Print Release Stations” to release a print job(s).
    pharos direct printing


Web Portal

  • Upload a document(s) through Pharos Web Portal: Login to Pharos Print Center (or a web portal) at and upload a document(s) and manage print queues. After you upload a document through Pharos web portal, you will be able to release it at any of the print release stations in the Library. See a set of instructions below on “How to Use the Pharos Print Release Stations” to release a print job(s). Most standard file formats are supported for uploading to Pharos through the web portal. Students using personal or library laptop computers may use this option for printing documents in the Library.
    pharos web portal 01  pharos web portal 02



  • Email Attachments: You can forward a document(s) as an email attachment(s) to from your APSU email account to print to Pharos. Once the email attachment is submitted to Pharos, the sender will receive an email confirming a list of submitted documents which are ready to be released at any Pharos print release stations. You can use this option to send a document to Pharos from anywhere and release it at the library’s release stations.
    pharos email



  • Pharos Print App: You can download the Pharos Print app from the iTunes App Store for Apple devices or from the Google Play App Store for Android devices (by searching the app stores for Pharos Print). After downloading the app, you need to configure it by entering the server name and the port number 443 in the app configuration.  Then, use your username and password to login. The Pharos Print app will allow you to edit printing options, preview, and delete print queues already submitted to Pharos Print Center. Not all apps will support, but for those that do, select the “Open in” option, then find “open in Pharos”.
    pharos app


Release Station

  1. Go to one of the Pharos print release stations in the Library and release your print job(s). All students must have a valid APSU ID card issued to them.
    pharos release station 01
  1. At a release station, swipe your Govs ID card or enter your login and password to identify yourself and release a print job(s). Two release stations in the Library use keyboard logon while the rest use card logon to release print jobs. So, you need to swipe your ID card at one of the card Logon release stations (numbered “Printer 2” thru “Printer 6”); but if you do not have your ID with you, you can login to Pharos with your username (same as your OneStop login) and password at the release stations (numbered “Printer 1” and “Printer 7”).
    pharos release station 02
  2. When you log in to a Pharos release station, you will see the document pending to be printed on your account. Select the document(s) individually and then click “Print” on the bottom right-hand corner. The document will print at the printer. Pick up your document(s) and click “Logoff” at the bottom left corner when you are done.
    pharos release station 03

Note: Your document will remain in the print queue for two hours; and after two hours it will be purged from the queue and you will need to resend the job to the printer.


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