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Services or Offerings?
Request a generic or shared university email account.

Do you need help resetting your campus Enterprise Account password?

Request a named account to be used by an auditor or contractor; or graduate assistant or student worker.

Request a generic address to be used by a department, committee, or other group where it is preferable to not use an individual employee's account name.

If you can't find what you need under the other categories, use this to enter requests relating to Account Management.

Would you like to be able to receive your voicemail to your APSU email account?

Has your account been compromised? Are you sending out spam? Did you respond to a phishing email or do you think you have a virus? If so, please request this service so that we can assist you.

Administrator access will be considered for university employees requiring administrator management of university-owned computers. Do you require administrative access to perform work related duties?

Does your job require you to make international calls? If so, you can request this service with your supervisor's approval.

Are you having an issue with your Avaya Desktop or Cloud Phone Application?

Users whose job responsibilities require access to the Banner ERP system may request access through this service. By requesting this access, you agree to abide by the IT Acceptable Use of IT Resources policy:

Students may check out laptops.

The MiFi Loan Program assists eligible students with participation in their web enhanced courses by providing loaner MiFi’s for one semester. The program is intended to support students that might not have the resources to secure a device in a timely manner. MiFi’s are limited and issued to eligible students on a first come first served basis.