Process Improvement Analysis (PIA)

A Process Improvement Analysis (PIA) is a six week, facilitated service provided by the Enterprise Applications and Solutions department. Each approved PIA request will be assigned a facilitator who will manage the project. A project/team leader will also be identified (this is often the requestor). The goal of a PIA is to analyze a current process "As Is" and determine what it "Should be" to achieve goals of the project. This process will require a significant investment of time by staff involved during the PIA project. An ad-hoc team will be formed of those involved with the current process and of those who may be able to provide insight. Due to the time commitment required for process improvement, each team members' manager must approve their involvement.

During the project, it may be determined that IT resources or a separate IT project may be required to achieve the desired outcomes. These IT projects will be scored and prioritized alongside the other IT Project Requests.


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