Potential Security Issue

Overview (What is it?)

If you believe that your enterprise account has been compromised (someone or something has illicitly gained access to your user name and password, or if you have pop ups, a potential virus, or clicked on something weird please report it immediately.

 If you receive an email that contains links and/or attachments and you think the email is a phishing email, you can attach  the email to the ticket for  us to  check and take steps to block or re mediate if OIT determines it is malicious and the links or attachments are not being blocked. Please attach the email in the ticket. 

Eligibility (Who can request it?)

Any university employee or student.

How to Request (Do you need this service?)

If you need to request this service, click the "Request Service" button to the right.

Request Service


Service ID: 36768
Wed 6/19/19 9:21 AM
Thu 6/20/19 11:44 AM