Creating a Contact Group in Outlook OWA

  1. Log into your email at
  2. Go to the People app.
    contact group owa step 2
  3. Click New at the top and choose Contact list.
    contact group owa step 3
  4. Give your contact group a name in the text box beneath List name.
    contact group owa step 4
  5. To add members, type the username of the user you wish to add in the Add members field and double-click or press enter to add them. Repeat for additional group members.
    contact group owa step 5
  6. When you have added all of the members to the contact group, click Save at the top.
    contact group owa step 6
  7. To send an email to that group, type the group name in the To: field of a new email.
    contact group owa step 7
  8. To edit the group’s members, go back to the People section (as in step 2) and double-click on the name of the group. Click Edit list in the pane that opens to the right.
    contact group owa step 8


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