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Services or Offerings?
Do you need to be able to call long distance from a University telephone?

Faculty and students who need help with D2L, Instructional Design Services, and Multimedia for their courses.

If none of the other categories fits your need, use this.

Does your department need a softphone installed?

Students who are seeking information about online learning at APSU may contact a Distance Education Representative to get directed to resources related to online programs, online support services, admissions, registration, application deadlines, transferring to APSU, etc.

Do you have a new employee? Please complete this service request.

Faculty who need assistance with captioning YuJa videos.

How to install Office 365 on your personal devices if you are a staff member or faculty member.

Have you installed Office 365?

Students may check out laptops.

The MiFi Loan Program assists eligible students with participation in their web enhanced courses by providing loaner MiFi’s for one semester. The program is intended to support students that might not have the resources to secure a device in a timely manner. MiFi’s are limited and issued to eligible students on a first come first served basis.

Do you have a printer that needs to be installed?

Do you need a new network drop installed or an old drop reactivated in a dorm, office, or classroom?