Request for a Telephone

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Overview (What is it?)

Have you added a position on your department? Do you have an employee who needs their own phone line? University departments can purchase telephones for use on campus. These phones are VOIP, which means they plug directly into the University data network. Each phone also has an additional data port built into the phone so that you can connect your computer to the phone for your network and internet connectivity. So, you can stay in touch without the added cost of installing more data ports in your office. Phone lines not activated within one month of setup will be returned to inventory and a new request will have to be made if the phone line is still required

Eligibility (Who can request it?)

Any University employee


Single line - $125
Two line - $150
Six line - $175
Analog phone line (Fax) - $100 Extension only
IP Conference phone - $800

How to Request (Do you need this service?)

If you need to request this service, click the "Request Service" button to the right.


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