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Overview (What is it?)

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides a secure, encrypted, communication channel to university assets over the Internet. This tool has been deployed by Austin Peay State University to enable university faculty and staff to work remotely, while accessing resources normally only available to use on the campus network.

Please carefully review these terms before submitting your access request.

VPN Terms of Use Agreement:

  1. Authorization to use the VPN system must be granted by the Director of IT Security or designee. Any appeals regarding this decision will be handled by the Office of Information Technology.
  2. All authorized users are strongly encouraged to use university owned computers while accessing this system. The use of personal computers is discouraged for security purposes.
  3. Authorized users are required to ensure a commercially available anti-virus software is correctly installed and up-to-date on any computer system used to gain access to the APSU network through VPN.
  4. Users are prohibited from sharing any data related to the VPN connection method with unauthorized individuals. This includes:
    1. Usernames
    2. Passwords
    3. Portal address
  5. Authorized users must not allow unauthorized individuals access to university computing resources at any time. This includes university issued laptops/workstations as well as resources accessible over the VPN.
  6. If VPN software installation is required, please review the “Resources” section below.

Authorized users will be held responsible for any damage that occurs to resources on the APSU network if attacks occur from the computer they are using to access the APSU network with VPN.

By submitting your VPN request form, you certify that you have read, understood, and agree to the terms as described. Failure to comply will result in the revocation of VPN access permissions.


Eligibility (Who can request it?)

Professional staff, administrative staff and faculty. 

How to Request (Do you need this service?)

If you need to request this service, click the "Request Service" button to the right.

Additional Resources:

VPN installation guide for PC

VPN installation guide for Mac


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