Requests can be made for installation, repairs, or quotes for university purchased equipment such as computers, keyboards, and monitors.

Services (7)

Surplus Laptop Request

A surplus pool is a pool of surplus computers. The surplus pool is comprised of employee and lab computers that have been refreshed. Surplus computers will be reissued into our environment without posing a potential security threat, without a warranty, and with limited service support options.

Install a Computer

Have you received a new computer?

Other Installation Requests

Do you have another piece of equipment you need assistance installing, such as a monitor, wireless mouse, keyboard, or a set of speakers etc..?

Computer Issues

Will your computer not start normally? Are there lights on the front? Color? Blinking?

Request a Quote

Do you need assistance with a technology purchase? We can assist you with a quote?

Other Computer or Peripheral Issues

If you can't find what you need under the other categories,use this to enter requests relating to computers and peripherals.

New Employee Onboarding

Do you have a new employee? Please complete this service request.