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Users whose job responsibilities require access to the Banner ERP system may request access through this service. By requesting this access, you agree to abide by the IT Acceptable Use of IT Resources policy: https://www.apsu.edu/policy/4s_business_and_fin...

Do you live in one of the Residence Halls on campus? Do you have a gaming system, streaming device, SMART TV, or wireless printer that you would like connected to the Internet? Click on the service request button and complete the form.

Submit a request for VPN Access.

Administrator access will be considered for university employees requiring administrator management of university-owned computers, servers, or labs. Do you require administrative access to perform work-related duties?

Request a generic address to be used by a department, committee, or other group where it is preferable to not use an individual employee's account name.

A surplus pool is a pool of surplus computers. The surplus pool is comprised of employee and lab computers that have been refreshed. Surplus computers will be reissued into our environment without posing a potential security threat, without a warranty, and with limited service support options.

Do you have a new employee? Please complete this service request.

Will your computer not start normally? Are there lights on the front? Color? Blinking?

Requests and issues involving email within Office 365 or the Outlook email client.

To request a FOAP to be added or change the approver on a FOAP in Govs eShop.

To request access to Govs eShop or change existing access.

Submit a project request for approval.

Have you installed Office 365?

Changes or Modifications to Banner or other Existing Applications/Systems

Request this service when you are directed to do so by IT Security during an audit of generic accounts. Failure to comply with a request by IT Security may result in the deactivation of your generic account. Contact apitsecurity@apsu.edu for more information or questions about this request.

Request a named account to be used by an auditor or contractor; or graduate assistant or student worker.

If you have problems related to D2L course content, dropbox, discussions, grades, assessments or quizzes.

If you can't find what you need under the other categories, use this to enter requests relating to Account Management.

Faculty who need assistance with captioning YuJa videos.

Do you need assistance with a technology purchase? We can assist you with a quote?

If none of the other categories fits your need, use this.

Do you need to add a TA, GTA, SLA, evaluator, or someone else to your course?