My Recently Visited Services

Faculty who need assistance with issues related to course design or delivery.

Have you installed Office 365?

Request a named account to be used by an auditor or contractor; or graduate assistant or student worker.

If none of the other categories fits your need, use this.

Will your computer not start normally? Are there lights on the front? Color? Blinking?

Is your audio visual equipment not powering on or connecting? Is your system not functioning properly? Does your lamp or filter need to be changed?

Is there software on your computer that needs to be updated?

To request a copy of APSU’s Tax Exempt Letter or Certificate of Self Insurance

Do you live in one of the Residence Halls on campus? Do you have a gaming system, streaming device, SMART TV, or wireless printer that you would like connected to the Internet? Click on the service request button and complete the form.

Are you getting an error message trying to access a certain software? Do you have problems with Banner, UC4, or other third party software?

Submit a request for VPN Access.

Do you have a new employee? Please complete this service request.

Is your printer giving you an error message you don't understand? Is it not printing properly?

Do you need assistance with a technology purchase? We can assist you with a quote?

Do you need help resetting your campus Enterprise Account password?

Students or faculty who need assistance with Zoom.

How to install Office 365 on your personal devices if you are a staff member or faculty member.

Submit a project request for approval.

Requests and issues involving email within Office 365 or the Outlook email client.

Do you need to add a TA, GTA, SLA, evaluator, or someone else to your course?

Do you need to consult with a technical representative regarding audio visual systems, flat panel TVs or projectors, speakers and microphones, or other specialty audio-visual projects?